A Work of Art

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

Working on a stone sculpture can be a long and time-consuming process, but the end result is pretty spectacular. Soon, the work of a sculptor and a polisher will be ready for people to see in Milwaukee.

Jon Barlow Hudson is a world-renowned sculptor who has worked on pieces all over the world. Now, he's working on his first piece that will be displayed in Wisconsin. He's working on a series of sculptures that will be on display in downtown Milwaukee near the Brady Street Bridge.

Hudson says he was thrilled when the city of Milwaukee commissioned him for the sculptures.

"I've applied for a number of projects up here, so it was really rewarding to finally get a project," he says.

Hudson is not going at it alone. He's getting some help from Jeff Froehlich, a local stone polisher. Froehlich has done stone polishing for nearly 25 years, but this is the first time he's worked on a major sculpture.

Working with Hudson, he says, has been both an honor and a learning experience.

"Everything we do is a slow process, and every day you learn something different like how far it can go, or if you have to go back a step," Froehlich says. "It's a new experience every day."

Hudson and Froehlich still have about a month's worth of sculpting and polishing left to do. Once the sculptures are complete, they'll be shipped to Milwaukee and ready for display at the Brady Street Bridge Park.