Animal Remains Found

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

The new owners of the farm is Sigel Township were cleaning up on Thursday, burning the carcasses left by the previous owner, which included mummified remains of more than a dozen pigs, nearly 40 chickens, and even a dog.

"There wasn't much left of the dog except the skull and the bones and hair on the top," said Dr. Victoria Paulen, a veterinarian.

The animals were first discovered Monday morning by the Wood County Sheriff's Department after deputies were at the farm serving an eviction notice.

"Upon doing so in the outbuildings, some animals that have obviously been dead for some time were found in various levels of decomposition," said Wood County Sheriff Kurt Heuer.

Heuer says at this point the family who lived on the farm when the animals died is not being charged with any crime.

The county is waiting on the final results from the veterinarian's investigation to determine if any legal action is needed.

As far as the cause of death is concerned right now, the vet on the scene Thursday says she's not certain, but it appears that all the animals died of starvation sometime last winter.