Woman to Receive Kidney

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

Linda Guensberg is trying to keep herself busy while she waits for a phone call, and it's an important one, but it's the call she got Monday night from a man she's never met that kept her up all night.

"Yeah, I'm a match, he says, willing to do it and I didn't know what to say. All I could think of is thank you, thank you."

Linda heard from a lot of interested callers after her story became public, but not many took that extra step to call the hospital in Madison and get tested, but then Linda got a call from a special friend at the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Tom Koth heard about Linda's plight several months ago and offered his kidney. Unfortunately he didn't match, but they forged a friendship. Then a man who does match called Koth wanting to donate.

Linda says Koth became the liaison.

"Tom Koth called me and said there is someone who has been tested and is ready to go. All we have to do is wait for Madison to call."

And that's the call Linda's waiting for now, a call from the hospital that's the final ok, but Linda's already prepping for her surgery, tentatively scheduled for September 8. She's looking forward to the day she won't have to take dialysis and she can get rid of some her medications, and she's happy with the route her story has taken.

"Yes, cause I got a very good friend out of it Tom Koth. He is just unbelievable."

Tom's a bit more modest, though.

"Even if I was just a small part in this whole thing, I'm honored, but the real heroes are Linda and the donor stepping forward."

As for the donor, Peter Wyman, he won't be a stranger to Linda much longer. They're planning to meet on Saturday and Linda can't wait to thank him in person.