Suspect Sought in Home Invasions

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

Within the last week, residents of four different homes on Wausau's west side say they awoke to find an intruder in their homes. Police are now looking for a suspect in the case, and reminding residents to secure their homes.

Police say the suspect entered houses on South 14th Ave., and Pine, Holub, and Emter Sreets. by cutting the screens on open windows. So far, he's only gotten away with a few hundred dollars and a baseball bat.

"Three of the four homes, they heard noises, they woke up and did find someone inside their house," says Dep. Chief Jeff Hardel of the Wausau Police Department. "The perpetrator did leave the residence upon the homeowners confronting them."

Police say home invasions are more common during the summer months when people leave windows and doors open. They say burglars are more likely to strike if their target is easy to access.

"A lot of criminals are opportunists," Hardel says. "If they see an opportunity--open window where they can cut the screen and go through, then they'll take advantage of that."

Police say you should:

  • Keep windows and doors locked, or install bars on them if you need to let air in your house;
  • Keep the outside of your home lit; and
  • alert police and your neighbors if you see or hear any suspicious activity.

    The suspect is described as:

  • A white male
  • Six feet tall
  • Thin build
  • Wearing black pants and a shiny black jacket

    If you have any information about these invasions, call the Wausau Police Department at 261-7800.