Safety at the Fair

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

As the more than 90,000 fairgoers venture into the Wisconsin Valley Fair this week, safety is number one on the list for Wausau officials.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Wausau Police Department, the Fire Department and the fair board, everything in and around the fair is pre-inspected for patron safety.

"Fire problems really aren't that common because of inspections before the fair gets rolling," says Captain Tom Leslie, Wausau Fire Department.

Inspectors from the Wausau Fire Department head out to the fair daily. The check for potential fire dangers, including electrical wires, propane tanks, and facility space. They say its important to make sure there's enough room for emergency trucks, just in case a situation arises.

"We try to make this fair as safe as possible and we got a very good record as far as it being safe," says Jack Sliwicki, fair vice-president.

Security also takes place at the three beer gardens inside the fair. Officials there are making sure minors stay out and those enjoying the area behave.