Vote Delayed on Gravel Pit

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

This controversy has been brewing for a few weeks since a Town of Schley resident said he wants to dig a gravel pit on his property. Tonight, neighbors got the chance to voice their concerns about the proposal in front of the town board.

Schley resident Ron Beyer wants to put the gravel pit on 15 acres of his 120-acre plot of land. But many of his neighbors don't like the idea.

That's why dozens of people packed the tiny town hall in Schley to voice their concerns. Most of those concerns deal with dust control, traffic, and noise issues.

"I don't say they want us to stop it, but they want some control on something, like the roads, the dust, speed limits," says Rick Dorn, chairman of the Town of Schley.

Beyer says his original plan was to put a wildlife pond on the land. In the process, he discovered there was gravel on the property. He says selling the gravel would eventually help him afford to turn the pit into a pond. He has been working with a licensed engineer and other officials to address his neighbors' concerns.

"We've covered every bridge there is to cover to make sure it is as safe and everything for people as we possibly can," Beyer says.

Tuesday evening, the Schley Town Board voted to delay a ruling for 30 days so they can gather more information. It will head back to the town's planning committee, where it will be discussed at their Aug. 19 meeting. It should come back to the town board for a vote on Sept. 7.