Finally Married

By: Greg Whitmer
By: Greg Whitmer

Tomahawk native Brad Martin joined the Army in 1996. Since then he's served in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Germany, but it was a trip to a U2 concert in Ireland that changed his life forever.

It was in Ireland that he met Edel. That was in August of 2001. Almost three years later the two were recently married. It was supposed to happen last summer, but the Army would not let Brad return home for his wedding.

So after a yearlong wait, the two were married in Ireland two weeks ago. They renewed their vows Saturday in front of friends and family at Brad's parents’ home in Tomahawk.

"It's very special for us because we got Edel's entire family in Ireland, and all of her friends were able to celebrate our wedding there and likewise here. My whole family and all of our friends will be able to celebrate it as well," Brad says.

The two returned to the United States last Saturday and they will head back to Germany in a few days, but all that took a backseat to Sunday’s events.

"(It's) just amazing to share our commitment to one another in front of family and friends. That's the most important thing for us," Edel says.

The couple will return to the U.S. with the army in December. Brad says he's not exactly sure where they'll be stationed, but as long as it's in the same place they'll be very happy.

In the three years they've been together the two have only been in the same place for a total of about 11 months.