"Gizmo" Visits Lincoln County Fair

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

People heading to the Lincoln County Fair can chat with a 6-foot, 600-pound robot. He goes by the name of "Gizmo" and if you didn't know he was a big rolling piece of metal, you'd think he was just another person on the street.

Organizers of the fair predict that Gizmo will be a big hit with fair-goers this weekend.

The Lincoln County Fair board first met Gizmo this past winter. After seeing how he interacted with people, they knew he had to be part of the fair.

"He has a very unique way of talking to people, and he's kind of a goodwill ambassador for the fair," said Dave Haskins, a member of the Lincoln Co. Fair board.

Gizmo was already out on Wednesday, the first day of the fair, entertaining some early fair-goers. He said he's very excited to be at the fair, and he can't wait to meet more people from the area.

"This is the only fair I can think of in 14 years, you know, because I was built, like, 14 years ago, the only fair I can think of where I believe I'm actually having more fun than the people here," Gizmo said.

Gizmo will be making daily rounds throughout the fairgrounds. In addition, fair-goers can check out the great rides, food, and animals at the 4-H barn.

The Lincoln County Fair runs Wednesday through Sunday. Best of all, admission to the fair is free. It's one of the last free fairs in Wisconsin, something Lincoln County prides itself on.