Farmer's Market Still Fresh After Rainy Start

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

From onions to potatoes, you'll find quite a variety at this summer's Wausau Farmer's Market. More than 50 area farmers and vendors set up their stands each Wednesday and Saturday morning.

For regular customers, this year's variety may seem a little different.

"We started out a little which slowed us down, we were a little late this year, but everything is coming in pretty good so far," says Roy Martin, a local farmer.

What you might find that isn't are the ears of sweet corn. That's one major crop that's delayed because of the rain. Farmers say they expect to see it ready in the next few weeks.

"Weather is always the biggest factor for us, we depend upon the weather most of all," says Pat Berg, a local vendor.

Some other products that are a little late this year include cucumbers and tomatoes, but farmers say their sales haven't suffered too much as a result. The Wausau Farmer's Market is open each Wednesday and Saturday starting right around 6 a.m. until vendors are sold out.