In With the New

By: Greg Whitmer
By: Greg Whitmer

It's a small town with a rather large problem.

Green Valley residents couldn't get a simple drink of water at town meetings, but that's all changing. The small town in southern Marathon County christened a brand new town hall in March. The old town hall was nearly 100 years old and was without running water.

"We decided we'd just build a new one. Something we could use for a long time, for the future, for banquets or whatever," says Phil Offer, the Town Supervisor.

"Something had to be done. I mean, our town doesn't look like much, but we got a lot of beautiful residences in our town and it's really being built up fast," added Kenneth Brandt, the Town Chairman.

Along with the lack of water, the electricity at the old place would often go in and out, and if you needed to use the restroom that meant a trip into the basement.

The new town hall will be officially dedicated Sunday. It will include a flag-raising ceremony, a meal and a performance by a polka band.