Identifying a Saved Life

By: Greg Whitmer
By: Greg Whitmer

It has been nearly one year since medics arrived on the scene of a bicycle/truck accident in Appleton.

The boy they found was wearing a helmet, which initially saved his life, but the questioned remained, who was he?

Brandon Fochs was already in surgery by the time word got back to his parents. The reason? Medics had no way of identifying the 13-year-old boy. It's a problem medical respondents often run into.

"If it's an eight-year-old child they typically don't have any identification, so we're asking friends, neighbors, bystanders, do any of you know this child?" says Capt. Tom Leslie of the Wausau Fire Department.

Brandon died five days later of related chest injuries. Sue Martell, Brandon's aunt, and other family members are helping to make sure medics always know whom they are helping.

"It's very important that what happened to Brandon doesn't happen to another child or have another family go through the same situation," Martell Says.

Brandon's Champions is distributing stickers that kids can put on their helmets making medics aware that the rider has a small information sheet inside their helmet that identifies the person. It also lists the medical history and emergency contacts of the person.

If you're interested in finding out more and would like to purchase a packet that includes the sticker, you can visit the group's website at