Kerry Picks Edwards for VP

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

"Over the top" excited is probably the best way to describe how Gov. Jim Doyle feels about John Kerry picking John Edwards for his running mate. He expects the duo to make a very strong showing in Wisconsin come November.

Edwards came in a solid second to Kerry in February's primary election, and he was the overwhelming favorite to become Kerry's running mate.

In Stevens Point on Tuesday, Gov. Doyle praised the charisma and message of the Kerry/Edwards combo. He expects them to focus on many key issues that will directly affect Wisconsinites.

"With John Kerry and John Edwards, you're gonna have very clear discussions about where they want to go, and it's the thing that people care about--it's gonna be about jobs, it's gonna be about education, it's gonna be about healthcare," Doyle says.

The Kerry/Edwards campaign is already getting a big push. A TV ad released the same day of the announcement coins them as, "A new team for a new America." Gov. Doyle thinks that message will resonate well with voters.

"I just think it's a great pick that Senator Kerry made, and the Kerry/Edwards ticket is going to do very well in Wisconsin," he says.

Wisconsin is considered a "swing state" in this year's election. So you can expect to see both Kerry and President Bush campaigning heavily in Wisconsin this year.