School Naming

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

As a parent you want the best for your kids, and when it comes to your school, tip-top facilities are important. But there's often one thing standing in the way, and that's money.

One local school district is preparing for a big boost in community support.

Not every school addition or sports facility goes to a referendum for funding. Private fundraising or even generous donations by benefactors can build a future for our kids.

The Marshfield school district has a number of projects that are now facing community fundraising, but recently the school board established rules for naming rights to any school facility.

First, the person must contribute at least half of the project's total cost.

"But it also has to be a person that is of very high moral standard and character of being represented in the community," said David Smette, Marshfield Superintendent.

The superintendent says there has been an increase in naming rights for high school facilities in the state over the past five years, and the school board felt that setting standards was necessary.

"I think it's really important. A name is something that stays with a particular facility for a long time into the future so you want to take some care in naming whatever facility is going to be a name," said Smette.