Becoming a Village

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

It's a title we often take for granted. Do we live in a city, a town or a village?

For residents of the "town" of Kronenwetter, becoming a "village" could provide a whole new set of opportunities.

The state department of administration Tuesday accepted a petition from municipal leaders asking to upgrade Kronenwetter from a town to an incorporated village.

The move would protect Kronenwetter from having any more of its land annexed. It would also allow them to make their own zoning changes instead of going to the county board, and would have economic benefits, like setting up its districts to attract new businesses.

"Becoming an incorporated village gives us more tools to take further steps and increase the quality of life for citizens," said Henry Luxem, town administrator.

The change to a village could also increase taxes for Kronenwetter residents, but town attorneys say taxes would still be significantly lower than neighboring communities.

The next step is the approval by the court, then a vote by the residents of Kronenwetter.