UWSP Commencement

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

UWSP grads were heading out into the real world Sunday, but before they all go their own ways the students and their families packed the Quandt Field House for commencement ceremonies.

1,300 graduates got their degrees from UWSP this spring. According to university officials, that's the largest graduating class ever, and while most of them are relieved to be done, some are still a little sad to be leaving college life in central Wisconsin.

"I am gonna miss it a lot because all of my friends are here. I've just been here for five years. I graduated as a fifth-year senior and I'm gonna miss it a lot," said Meredith Bassler, Class of 2004.

Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton was at the ceremony Sunday. She spoke to the grads about the importance of being involved in government throughout the course of their lives, and she was speaking to a record commencement crowd, forcing hundreds into an overflow area set up in the Berg Gym.

"This is the biggest class we've ever had. They've gotten continually larger over the last three years since I've been coordinating this event," said Jennifer Blum, Assistant Director of University Relations.

The event is usually held outside, but construction on campus forced coordinators to head inside this year. Blum says they will be returning to the outdoors as soon as they find a suitable location.