Dispensing Junk

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

A recent study put out by the Center for Science in the public interest says 85 percent of food found in school vending machines has little nutritional value.

Dieticians, like Jennifer Mikulich with the Wausau Heart Institute, say they'd tell kids to avoid the machines all together.

"Certainly I'm going to encourage people to pack their own stuff, if they can pack some fruit cups, or apple sauce, or granola bars."

Some Health advocates say the easiest and healthiest plan is to eliminate the vending machines all together.

The machines are how many schools pay for programs. That's why schools like the Wausau district are trying to find a happy medium. They'll keep their vending machines, but start offering healthier choices this fall. Some students predict sales will go down.

Superintendent Charles Skurka says the kids are right, but he also says those profits will bounce back once kids get used to choosing pretzels over potato chips and choosing their health over their cravings.