A Look Inside a P.I.

By: Sarah Rickert
By: Sarah Rickert

It's easy to get wrapped up in the lives of people on soap operas. But how realistic are the characters on the show?

This week's Soap Opera Digest takes a look at the issue. In the column, "Gainfully Employed," they take an interesting occupation on a soap and interview a real life counter-part for a reality check.

So Fred Veenstra from Wausau is getting his 15 minutes of fame. Veenstra is a Mailman by day and a Private Investigator at night.

They compared this Wausau native to the private investigator on the Young and The Restless. The show takes place in a mythical town in Wisconsin, so the magazine thought it would be a perfect fit.

You can read more about Veenstra in this week's Digest and catch up with his counter-part on Newschannel 7 at 11 on the Young and the Restless.