What's Cool in School: Speed-Stacking Tournament at Immanuel Lutheran, Wis. Rapids

By: Chastity Walberg Email
By: Chastity Walberg Email

Hundreds of plastic cups.

150 students grades K-8.

And two NewsChannel 7 anchors.

Add them together and you've got a speed-stacking tournament.

It's "What's Cool in School" at Immanuel Lutheran in Wiscosin Rapids.

Students at this school have only been practicing their cup-stacking for two months, but as part of Lutheran Schools Week, these kids are competing against each other in a tournament to find who's the fastest in their school.

Eight-year-old Megan Wilhorn is the champion, and she says it definitely takes concentration.

"It's hard not to look up and look at them because you want to know where they are," she says.

Besides having fun, these kids are actually developing skills, such as hand-eye coordination, without even realizing it.

"One thing that is going on is that the kids are probably not even aware of is that the right and left brain are challenged at the same time," says second-grade teacher Bonnie Weiss. "Not a lot of activities do that."

It's not just the kids who are getting involved in speed stacking - teachers are trying it out, too.

Even though they've only been at it a short time, Weiss says it's stacking up to be a success.