Closed Campus Vote

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

Right now all high school students in the Wausau School District have an open lunch period, which means they're allowed to leave campus.

But district officials have had growing concerns about tardiness and student safety.

Monday night the new policy was decided. The school board voted to continue the open lunch period for juniors, seniors, and second semester sophomores.

That means freshmen that now have open lunch will have to stay at school for the first semester of next year.

But some, like Wausau west freshman Michelle Liss, are okay with the compromise.

"I'm glad that we at least get the second semester, but I think having the privilege this year makes it harder not to have it the first semester next year,” comments Liss.

Wausau West Freshman Alex Drake was also pleased.

"I expected just juniors and seniors or nothing at all but I think the protesting and everything definitely helped with this,” adds Drake.

And he's right. The school board was originally planning to allow open lunch only for juniors and seniors. But then board members say they saw students protesting on TV calling the open lunch period a privilege they want to keep.

School Board President Bill Scholfield says hearing the kids call it a privilege, and not a right means the students understand.

And he says that's what made the board decide to extend the privilege to second semester sophomores. The open-campus policy is still contingent on a few things.

School officials will put together a set of behaviors that students need to follow; otherwise the open lunch privilege will be taken away.