More School Cuts

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

More cuts are expected at several school districts in north central Wisconsin, and some of them may affect how students will get to class.

Sen. Roger Breske says funding cuts may force some districts to close in northern Wisconsin, and that would mean an even longer bus ride for many students living there.

"If that would happen, these kids would be on the bus probably two hours a day, which I don't think is fair. They spend enough time in school, it's a tough day for a lot of kids," said Breske.

In the Wausau district, school officials say the cuts will come to the gifted and talented programs and dozens of staff positions.

In all, the district will loose about 20 teaching positions and more than 50 non-certified jobs this year.

"We're looking at cutting about $1.6 to $1.7 million this year, that's on top of the $6.8 million we've cut in the last three years," said Dr. Charles Skurka, Wausau School District Superintendent.

Skurka says that trend will continue. Over the next four years he expects they'll have to eliminate another $7 million from the budget.

That will either mean more cuts or a referendum that would raise taxes.