Drivers Ed Conference

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

The tables have been turned on local driving instructors who are getting lessons of their own this weekend.

Air bag safety and driver's ed funding were the main topics at this weekend's driver safety education convention in Stevens Point.

Since Thursday, driving instructors have been learning how to train young drivers.

"We do couple with the other organizations and they come in and do presentations and help us keep up to speed with the new technologies and the new things that we're seeing, so we can help educate the youth across the state," said Joel Berens, WI Driver Traffic Safety Education Association.

The driver educators are learning important techniques to pass on to their students, like where you should place your hands on the steering wheel and how far a seat should be from an airbag.

They also discussed how to handle the roughly $5 million cut in state funding driver's ed courses are facing.