New Policy Causes Heated Debate

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

Currently, the Wausau School District has an open campus lunch policy. High school students can leave school to grab a bite to eat at places like McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Students say the policy works well, however, an in-depth report conducted by the district proves otherwise.

The report shows that the open lunch policy has caused truancy rates to escalate. Officials say they're concerned about this issue along with safety, time constraints, and food accessibility.

The new policy would keep freshmen and sophomores in a closed lunch. Some juniors and seniors would be granted open lunch privileges, but only under certain circumstances.

"We want you (students) to have good academics. We want you to be in school. We want you to not have any disciplinary problems," says Berland Meyer, Deputy Superintendent.

Even as officials try to form middle ground, it does not seem to please these students. Students stood outside of Wausau West to protest the new policy early Thursday afternoon. They say they like the policy the way it is.

The Wausau School Board will take a vote on the issue Monday evening.