Marshfield Referendum

By: Andrew Fefer
By: Andrew Fefer

The price has dropped, but the value is the same to leaders of the Marshfield School District.

They're asking voters to approve a $26.5 million referendum proposal to improve their kids' schools. The bulk of that money would go toward replacing Madison Elementary, and remodeling Marshfield Junior High School, among other improvements around the district.

District Leaders say classrooms in some of their buildings are too small to accommodate the number of students they're holding. Also, storage space is an issue, as well as Madison's cafeteria, and the junior high's locker room.

"Our board has worked very hard to come back with a proposal that we think is a 50-year solution," says Marshfield Superintendent Bruce King.

Supporters say contributing to education is important because the students will become taxpayers one day. Opponents say they're not willing to part with what's estimated as an extra $19 for $100,000 worth of property.

The vote is scheduled to take place April 6.