Safe Haven for Newborns

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

Safe Haven became law in Wisconsin 2000. It's designed to give the youngest of children just what the title says, a Safe Haven. The laws permit parents to hand their babies over to medical officials, law enforcement or medical emergency technicians. It's no questions asked as long as the newborn is less than 72 hours old and is not abused.

"Whatever we can do to save these babies from harm is a wonderful thing," says Shelly Parsells, Director of the New Beginnings Birthing Center at the Wausau Hospital.

Wausau Hospital, St. Michael's in Stevens Point, and St. Joseph's in Marshfield all have Safe Haven programs. There are 46 states that have Safe Haven laws, however they vary from state to state.

Resources for parents in crisis:

Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Wausau

Crisis Pregnancy Hotline

Safe Haven Crisis Line

Family Planning Health Services

Wausau Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield

St. Michael's Hospital, Stevens Point