Suder Strikes Budget Deal

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

Either strike a deal with the governor, or risk losing nearly 200 jobs at the Stanley Prison. That was the dilemma for Rep. Scott Suder as tense politics reached its peak in Madison.

Under the budget repair bill, the opening of the Stanley Prison is delayed. It's a move that does not sit well with Suder.

But on Monday, the budget needed his vote. So, in a last minute move, Suder met with Gov. Scott McCallum and struck a deal.

He'd vote for the budget if McCallum agreed to save 77 current jobs and 108 future positions at the prison.

"I'm not pleased with a lot of portions of this budget. There is no secret about that," Suder said.

"My number one priority was saving jobs for the Stanley area and the Stanley prison and we did come to an agreement finally on Monday with regard to about 200 jobs and those jobs have been saved," Suder added.