Budget Deal Controversy

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

It could be a couple more weeks before Gov. Scott McCallum takes action on the budget bill.

The latest plan to fix this year's $1.1 billion deficit squeaked by the Assembly Monday by a vote of 50-47. Last week the Senate approved it 16-17.

The deal puts off cuts to local government aid. It calls for a delay in the opening of the Stanley Prison. Plus, it uses payments from the tobacco settlement to soak up most of the debt.

The move to use smoking prevention funds is not sitting well with the people in the front of the fight against smoking.

"It is a disappointing decision," said Renee Trowbrigde from the Marathon County Tobacco Free Coalition.

The governor has to sign the bill before it becomes law.

Even if the deal is approved, the state faces a $2.8 billion deficit in the next two-year budget.