Her 15 Minutes

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

More than 40 tons of letters clog Hollywood mailboxes every year, pitching ideas for movies.

It's a barrage launched by Hollywood hopefuls from around the world, and the basis for a documentary that will air Monday on the AMC channel, and it has a Wausau connection.

"Well, I write screenplays," said Lillian Francken, whose screenplay will be featured on an AMC documentary Monday.

"I've been doing it for about 10 years."

Wausau resident Lillian Francken is one of five screenwriters from around the country who will be for her family; the show is a reward for Francken's work and their patience.

"We'd go up north for the weekend and that's all she would do all weekend long," said Francken's daughter Danielle Hertel. "We'd go up there just to get away and she'd just write all weekend."

Hertel says that's why she's especially happy for her mother, even if the show is only 15 minutes worth of fame, at best. At least she knows that someone is out there reading.

If you have cable, you can catch Francken's story at 9 p.m. this Monday on the AMC channel