Business Back to Normal After Robbery

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

Things have started to quiet down at the Brokaw Credit Union after it was robbed Wednesday afternoon. Their president says things are getting back to normal.

"We have to move on hope things get better and not happen again," says Lyman Cline, credit union president.

The employees that were held up in the robbery are back to work. Cline says they are doing well.

"I think they did an excellent job of what took place so hopefully that is going to help us with the suspect they think they might have," he says.

The owner of The King Company in Wausau reported one of his company trucks stolen early Wednesday morning. To his surprise, he found out it was involved in the robbery.

"It was such an obnoxiously obvious truck so I was amazed that they used it for a crime six or seven hours later in the day," The King Company's owner Jeremy Marohl says.

Marohl doesn't think the Robber is connected to his staff, but he's not ruling anything out.

If you can provide any more information in the case, please call the Marathon County Sheriff's Department at 261-1200.