Four Year Anniversary of Unsolved Murder

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

There are no new leads on the four year anniversary in the murder of Rhonda Mertes. Wednesday, December 4th, is the four year anniversary of her death. Police say the case is still open, but has turned cold.

Six months ago, the Wausau Police Department received new information on the Mertes case. A letter was sent to police from someone saying they thought they knew what happened to Mertes. Unfortunately after working with the state's Criminal Investigation Bureau, that information turned into a dead end.

Police Cheif Bill Brandimore says he hopes someone will eventually come forward with more information.

"It's our job to look for justice for them and we continue to do that in the Rhonda Mertes case however it's a very cold case," Brandimore says.

A $5,000 reward is still being offered. If anyone knows anything, call 1-800-559-4203.