Checking Out

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

Last June, Diane Blomfelt had decided to call it quits in the grocery business, so she began selling off her two stores, one in Hancock and the other in Bancroft, along with all the products.

But she has had a little trouble getting rid of inventory in Bancroft, so she's decided to turn her little problem into a very big gift.

"Of course, we have a little bit of everything left," said Diane Blomfelft, Banckroft Grocery Store Owner. "So, I thought the Salvation Army would be as good a place to send it, as any place."

To say she's getting rid of a 'little bit of everything' is an understatement.

Blomfelt has donated nearly $20,000 worth of food, household supplies and toys from her small-town general store to the Salvation Army, and according to members of the organization, the food couldn't have come at a better time.

"We feed about 15,000 people a year and provide lodging to over 12,000 individuals through the course of the year," said Daniel Duncan, Stevens Point Salvation Army. So, this donation goes a tremendous long way."

That's not to say the donation wasn't bittersweet for Blomfelt. In 1999, her business partner passed away leaving the operation of the two stores up to Blomfelt.

It has turned out to be too much and now, she has to leave behind the store she's owned since 1974, and a workforce that has been together for better than a decade.

"I know she's been having a hard time closing the doors and saying goodbye to the community after all these years," said employee Kimberly Meyer.

Blomfelt will be closing the doors on a business that she built from the ground up on the main street of quiet little Wisconsin town, but not before she gives back to the community one last time.