Snowboarding Theft

The popularity of snowboarding coupled with the highly expensive equipment used has made snowboards is the biggest target of thieves at Granite Peak.

"And it's easy to take too. With skis you have to grab two skis, two poles so you have four items to carry away where a snowboard you can slip it under your arm and walk away with it. It's pretty easy to do."

The first thing to do in order to prevent theft is to mark you board. Put something on your board that helps police identify you as the owner. Also record the make, model and serial number to report to police if it's stolen, but most importantly lock up your board.

At Granite Peak you can lock you board for 75 cents or buy a lock for about $15.

"And we have signage throughout the entire ski area letting people know that theft does occur and unattended equipment is your own responsibility," says Vicki Baumann, Granite Peak Operations Manager.

Deputy Harlan Reinders says, "The person that owns the equipment, it's their responsibility, it's their equipment. They need to make sure it's secured."

Deputy Reinders also encourages anyone who knows someone who has stolen equipment to report it to their local law enforcement. They can remain anonymous.