Airbag Safety

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

As of August 2003, there have been over 500 traffic crashes in Wisconsin. NewsChannel Seven teamed up with Airbag Safety Specialist Dave Long to demonstrate the importance of airbags.

He said the most important thing is wearing your seat belt. Airbags have save over 14,000 lives in the U.S.

"The combination of buckling up my seat belt with a lap and shoulder belt and me having an airbag means I'm going to have an 80 percent reduction of any serious injury from the waistline to the top of my head," Long says.

Airbags can cause minor injuries such as bruises and scratches, but if you are not wearing a seat belt or a child is placed in the front seat, that's when airbags pose a threat. It's extremely important that children under the age of 13 never sit in the passenger seat. The airbag's impact could do extreme damage to a small child or anyone not wearing a seat belt.