Suspect From "America's Most Wanted" Arrested in Rothschild

By: Julie Huck
By: Julie Huck

Don't trust anyone you meet online. That's the word of advice from a young woman in Rothschild after one of "America's Most Wanted" was arrested at her home.

Calvin Allen Bennet is accused of brutally murdering an elderly couple in Arkansas last month. Sunday (11/19) Marathon County authorities caught up with him at the Rothschild home where he was dating a woman he met online.

Calvin Allen Bennett is now behind bars accused of taking two lives in Arkansas, and though the capture ended the hunt of one of "America's Most Wanted," it also destroyed the innocence and trust of the 18-year-old that lives here.

On Sunday (11/19) neighbors watched as police closed in on the Rothschild home to arrest Bennett.

"Sounded like they had their guy cornered and just waiting for something to make a move," says neighbor Mike Masgay who was walking his dog at the time of the capture.

The young woman who lives here says she met Bennett online. Authorities say it was their internet conversations that helped them track him to her home. She and her family say they had no idea he was wanted for murder. While she did not want to comment on camera, she did say this.

"I am sorry this had to come into our community. I want everyone to know that they should be careful when using online services to meet people. These kinds of things can happen to anyone. Don't trust anyone you meet online."

At a news conference Sheriff Randy Hoenisch said the online connection was especially disturbing.

"It's something people should be thinking about. It's something everybody should be cautious of, especially parents with their children," says Sheriff Hoenisch.

Bennett is accused of murdering an elderly couple at their farmhouse in Nashville, Arkansas. He's waiting for an extradition hearing to be sent back to Arkansas to face charges, and while their trust may be lost, the Rothschild family is thankful that's all that was taken.

Bennett's attorney says they have the wrong person for these crimes, but Sheriff Randy Hoenisch says Bennett confessed to officers after the arrest.