FEMA Tours Flood Damage

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

The high water may be gone, but the scars left behind after the massive flooding are proving to be costly. The first step in getting federal assistance to rebuild is now underway.

Starting Monday afternoon, four damage assessment teams started touring the damage in seven Wisconsin counties.

Leaders with the federal government disaster relief, the state emergency management, the department of transportation and local governments make up each team.

The review will focus only on the public sector like washed out roads and bridges.

"It can really wipe out local budgets so that's why we are very hopeful to have FEMA out here to look at damage and hopefully have federal assistance to aid these communities," said Lori Getter with the Wisconsin Emergency Management.

The teams will continue their assessments until the work is complete. A final report will then be submitted to the governor.