Citizens Protest Mayor Lawrence Views

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

Protestors were holding up signs and shouting angry words in front of city hall early Wednesday morning. They were sending out a message that comments Mayor Linda Lawrence made in an email were racist and discriminatory, but the mayor has a different point of view.

The email Lawrence sent out describes one Wausau neighborhood as a sub-culture that includes drug dealers and drifting aimless losers who are un/underemployed. Among the protestors were city council members, Hmong representatives, and single moms.

"In her capacity as mayor and chief elected official of this community, she should not be taking on these kind of issues with certain groups of people," city council member Kathy Anderson said.

Mayor Lawrence says it's not a race issue.

"This isn't about race i said that in the email but no matter how much you say that it doesn't change what people think and believe," Lawrence says.