Small Volunteers Give Big Donation

A local food pantry and the people it helps just got a big donation from the smallest of volunteers. As part of a leadership conference, fourth and fifth graders representing all 13 elementary schools in the Wausau area chose a project that would help the community. Their choice? Collecting donations to give to the neighbor's place food pantry.

Tom Rau is director of neighbor's place.

“And I was very impressed by how concerned they were about our community and how willing they were to put some work into doing something about the problems they saw.”

The large pile of food and toiletries is just one sign of how dedicated the kids are to this project. Another sign? This is less than 25% of the total they've raised so far. It's hard to say who will benefit more, the people who will have a hot meal, or the kids whose generosity made it happen. And from the looks of it this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.