Doyle Signs Bills

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

Gov. Jim Doyle signed eight bills Monday, including:

  • Assembly Bill 1, which makes it a felony for lawmakers and local officials to trade their votes for cash or campaign contributions.

  • Assembly Bill 34, which includes dentists and dental hygienists as health care professionals for the purpose of forming service corporations.

  • Assembly Bill 74, which makes students who sound "Taps'' at military honors funerals eligible for a $25 tuition voucher; the bill covers students in grades six to 12 and those attending state technical colleges, colleges and universities.

  • Senate Bill 77, which allows the Milwaukee Public Schools to save about $3 million by paying off its debt to the Wisconsin Retirement System with money from bonds the city of Milwaukee could issue at a lower interest rate.

  • Senate Bill 116, which clarifies that companies that insure insurance companies are not required to pay the same claim twice.

  • Senate Bill 117, which directs the state Department of Commerce to prohibit automotive gasoline from containing more than 0.5 percent of methyl tertiary-butyl ether, beginning Aug. 1, 2004 .

  • Senate Bill 167, which extends the period of time the city of Sheboygan can use a tax incremental financing district through Dec. 31, 2006; municipalities create TIF districts to offer developers incentives for building a project.

  • Senate Bill 194, which gives the state Public Service Commission the authority to decide whether American Transmission Company can withdraw from its membership in the Midwest Independent System Operator if it's found to be in the public interest. MISO is an organization subject to federal regulation that manages electric transmission in a 13-state region including Wisconsin.

Source: Wisconsin Legislature