Unclaimed Tax Refund Checks

You may be one of thousands of people in Wisconsin the IRS is trying to track down, but they're not trying to take your money, they're trying to give you money.

Dee Dee D'Amato checks her mail every day with anticipation. So far, every day she's been disappointed. She's waiting for her advance child tax credit check from the IRS, and she's not alone.

“There's a little over 1600 people in the state of Wisconsin that have undelivered refund checks.”

Most of those 1600 people haven't received their checks because they moved recently, but not the D'Amato's. While the D'Amato's have lived here for five years, their address did change three years ago from 4207 Lakeshore Drive to 4207 North Lakeshore Drive. That one word change in their address has caused a lot of headaches. They just received a letter saying they had an unclaimed check, but never the check.

“So the Department that mails the checks has the wrong address and the department that mails the letters has the right address. So who knows?”

You can find out if you have an unclaimed check at the IRS's website, www.irs.gov.

If you'd like your refund check by this year, you must update your address by December 5. If you miss that deadline you'll have to wait, and claim the credit on your 2003 tax return.