Wisconsin Congressman Tours Iraq

The violence in Baghdad has escalated; over the past few days terrorists have attacked the Al Rasheed Hotels which houses many American officials and international Red Cross headquarters.

A Wisconsin congressman is currently touring Iraq and saw the damage of the terrorist attacks firsthand. Republican Rep. Mark says despite the recent attacks, he's impressed with reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

Power and utilities are back on for most of the country, but it will take more than that to bring our troops home. U.S. soldiers and Iraqi citizens are being killed almost daily by terrorist attacks. Mark Green says many of the attacks aren't aimed at Iraqis or U.S. troops, but at us watching from our homes.

“They are as concerned about what Americans see on their televisions as they are about any physical targets. What they wanna do is to terrify and weaken our resolve.”

But during green's visit with Wisconsin troops stationed in Iraq he saw just the opposite.

“Despite the fact that there was obviously a loss of life and it was very tragic, I was also impressed when I met with troops today, how their resolve is as strong as ever.”

And he says Iraqi independence is the key to bringing those troops home.

“The sooner that Iraqi's have their economy moving vibrantly forward, the sooner they're able to take over security duties, obviously the more quickly we'll be able to bring our men and women home.”

And Green had a bit of good news for anyone with family stationed in Iraq. He says morale among the troops was good and the living conditions have improved dramatically in the past few weeks.