Former Band Instructor Sentenced

By: Bill Martens
By: Bill Martens

His days of teaching and working with kids are over. Once beloved by the people of Rhinelander, he is now ridiculed in that community. That part of his sentence was already handed down. Wednesday afternoon, he found out the rest.

"To my students that looked up to me and respected me, I'm so very sorry for my actions and any pain that I have caused," Jameson said. "I truly cared for all those I taught."

And he'll have the next eight years behind bars to think about what he did. Judge James Mohr handed the sentence down in front of a packed courtroom in Rhinelander. When those eight years are up, Jameson will also be on seven years extended supervision, and then five years probation for committing 30 felonies of sexual assault on two students.

He will serve every single day of his punishment in what Mohr called truth in sentencing. More testimony was given by one of the victims and family.

"Josh Jameson was a person of authority and respect in this community," the father of one of the victims said. "Many scores of people trusted him and even admired him as he played an integral part in building a successful band program. But on the inside, he was destroying young lives, being able to manipulate young people for his own selfish benefit."

Jameson is not allowed to have any contact with any of the victims or their families. He must also take part in sex offender treatment.