All-Terrain Vehicles Facing Trouble

By: Bill Martens
By: Bill Martens

It seems sometimes that nobody is spared from tough economic times, as budget cuts continue to carve away at area programs.
But one man and his ATV organization are losing patience.
"We'll do anything we can to stay open," says Gary Weiland, president of Mid Wisconsin ATV Trailblazers. "But how do we finance it when nobody talks to you?"
He says he hears rumors left and right about what might happen to the trails and the snowmobile coordinator, but nobody's talked to them about it.
"If Dave Marg's job gets cut to 50 percent, there will be no summer ATV funding. So that means trails will not open. Burma Trail was open for years before Dave Marg got in. Why would they all of a sudden shut it down when everybody's going into ATVs?"
Weiland says ATVs outsell snowmobiles two-to-one, and says you can help keep the trails open.
"People got to join an ATV club, or start an ATV club and get going, so we get more people out there to show the people of Wisconsin what's really going on."
Marathon County will vote on the budget November 13th.