Possible Hikes in Badgercare Costs

By: Carrie Hutton
By: Carrie Hutton

The governor is hoping to save the Badgercare program but to do that; he is proposing a 60 percent increase in monthly premiums.

Under Doyle's budget plan, monthly Badgercare premiums would increase from $60 to $100. A family of four with an annual income of $27,600 now pays 3 percent of their annual income for coverage and that could increase to 5 percent.

In Portage County, 1,300 people would be affected by more costly coverage.

"Some form of health care coverage at a cost is better than none at all", said David Pagel, Family and Employment Supervisor with Portage County. "There are people who may choose to pull out of it because they don't prioritize health care but I would hope most will still choose to stay in it."

A spokesperson for Gov. Doyle says other states have had to eliminate programs like Badgercare so they hope the Legislature approves his changes and keeps the program in place.