More CWD?

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

Two more cases of Chronic Wasting Disease have been found in southwest Wisconsin.

The state Department of Natural Resources reports today the newest cases are found within eradication zone -- the boundaries where the agency wants all the deer killed.

The findings bring the number of deer found with mad-deer disease to 64.

The two new cases were deer killed in Dane County -- the hot spot of the incurable disease that jeopardizes the state's one billion-dollar hunting industry.

Of the 64 diseased deer found so far: 35 were in Dane County, 27 in Iowa County, one in Richland County and one in Sauk County.

The DNR says the newest results are based on another 2,055 samples of deer brains that were tested by laboratory experts. The samples were submitted by hunters for the unprecedented study to learn how widespread the fatal brain disease might be in the state's herd.