MHS May Change Dress Code

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Parents and teachers in Marshfield say kids are showing too much skin at school, so the Marshfield school board has passed a preliminary dress code for the high school. Starting next year, they're considering allowing no more low-rise jeans, shirts with spaghetti straps nor anything that exposes midriffs.

Although some students feel it's about time a dress code was set, others say the idea is behind the times.

"Nowadays you can't just go into a store and find a shirt that covers you down to your stomach," said Lindsey Urlaub, 17-year-old junior at Marshfield High.

"I think if it's too revealing it can also be distracting in class," said Steve Holt, another 17-year-old junior.

Holt says he can understand why some people feel the rules are necessary.

Both students who agree with the dress code and those who disagree will have some time before it becomes a permanent policy. The school board plans to hold another meeting before making it a part of the school handbook.