Warm Act Gives Couple Cold Feet

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

A heart-warming act by some local elementary school children will be giving a couple in Northcentral Wisconsin cold feet, and cold everything else too.

Children at St. John's Lutheran school in Wausau helped collect non-perishable food items to donate to the Salvation Army. Members of the Parent-Teacher League say they got the idea for the drive after hearing local food pantries are low in donations during the spring.

The Pastor at the attached St. John's Lutheran church heard what the 70 children in the school were attempting. He told them that if they collected at least 400 items, he would take a polar plunge. His wife told them she would join in if they got up to 800 items. The children surprised them by collecting more than 1,000 items.

Shaking their heads in amazement, both say they don't mind keeping their end of the bargain, although neither of them has ever taken a polar plunge before, but they say they don't mind.

Each child who brought in donations was given a ticket to be entered in a drawing to win a trip to a Lutheran camp in Three Lakes. The two tickets, valued at $110 each were awarded to eight-year-olds Lindsey Peterson and Brianna Lund.

The food is scheduled to be dropped off at the Salvation Army Monday.