Republicans to Discuss Overriding Governor's Veto

By: Sabrina wu
By: Sabrina wu

The stakes are high, and lawmakers are getting ready for a political showdown on Monday. Legislators are expected to come to the table to try to override a veto by Gov. Jim Doyle. Doyle vetoed a bill Friday that would give the legislature final say over gaming compacts.

With the GOP controlling both houses in the state capital, Republicans say they'll take their chances they can still get the bill through.

"I believe there's enough votes in the Senate to override the Governor's veto," Republican Jerry Petrowski (86th) said. "The bill that we passed originated in the senate, so an override would have to start there, and the senate will take up an override of the Governor's veto, I'm guessing on Tuesday."

To override the veto, there would have to be a two-thirds majority vote in both houses.