Kids Project: Out of This World

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Students at Mosinee Middle School are working on some projects that are out of this world.

Students are learning how to overcome obstacles, launch rockets and work with other people. For three days, all their school subjects will center around the theme of being in space. Kids say it's nice to get some hands-on experience outside a traditional classroom setting.

"In class we'd probably be reading books or something like that right now," said Chase Drake, a seventh-grader. "I'm kinda glad we got out because school sometimes can be a little bit boring."

"They get a chance to put it all together in real-life situations," Faye Davis, a communications leader with the project said. "They have to work with other team members which is exactly what they'd have to do at a job."

Teachers say if kids learn to work together at a young age, it helps them later on in life.