"Cool Souvenir" for Foreign Exchange Student

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Hundreds of people plunged into the freezing waters at Whitewater Park Saturday. Many who take part in the annual event say they'll never forget the first time they did it. For one first-timer, this was definitely the case.

Daniel Morant is a foreign exchange student from Madrid, Spain. He came to the U.S. to learn English. He says they don't have anything like the Polar Plunge back home.

"It's crazy, no?" Morant laughed, "but I really wanted to know what is this experience."

It's a new experience for the 16-year-old, but a big help for Special Olympics in Northcentral Wisconsin.

"This event usually raises half our budget for the whole year," said Lori Plaza with the Special Olympics. "It's a big help and we really appreciate it."

Morant says that it's all right that he may never see the people that are helped by his jumping.

"I like help people," Morant said. "I really do."

In fact, as he told Newschannel 7 after the plunge, "I'd go do it again!"