Both Sides of War Demonstration Stay Peaceful

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

People who feel strongly about a possible war with Iraq, turned out in droves Saturday. Those who are opposed to military action, stood shoulder to shoulder with those who support it.

"Mostly I'm here to give support to our international friends, who are at the United Nations speaking against the war," Joan Wolf, who traveled from La Crosse said. "I feel powerless in my own country. I can't [even] stop my own president."

"I'm here to support President Bush and the things this country's fought for and believed all my life," said Dan Southworth, a Vietnam veteran from Aniwa.

Saturday's anti-war peace rally had the potential to be anything, but. Both sides, however, chose to respect the other's freedom of speech, and were able to speak their minds without tempers flaring.

Wausau police say there were no arrests during Saturday's rally, and the event went without any major incidents.