Drug-Laced Chocolates Hit Northcentral Wisconsin

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Police have confiscated drug-laced chocolate from seven different locations in the Northcentral Wisconsin area. Chocolate laced with psychedelic mushrooms has been found in Wood and Portage counties.

Police say someone is grinding up psilocybin mushrooms, and putting them into chocolate that is melted down and then re-formed and wrapped in foil or put back in its original wrapper.

"What I've been told by investigators is that the packaging is done pretty well," Sheriff Kurt Heuer said.

People who eat the chocolate experience effects similar to mescaline or LSD. A person is likely to experience symptoms including intense anxiety, panic, fear, disorientation, mood changes, hallucinations, blurred vision, dizziness, light headedness, twitching, shivering and nausea.

The concern is that some of the chocolate might be accidentally dropped, or left somewhere it could be found by a child. Another concern is that someone who doesn't realize what they're eating, and get into a dangerous situation.

"We're talking about someone operating a motor vehicle," Heuer said, "walking down the street, or going down the stairs, if they're not able to control their actions."

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • The drugged chocolates are wrapped in colored foil.
  • They have no brand names imprinted on the chocolate itself, or on the wrapper.
  • Many of them are oddly shaped and may look like they were made quickly.
  • Be careful of candy that looks like it has been opened or re-sealed.

Law enforcement cautions anyone who has been given chocolate that appears suspicious, to contact police.